Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to call home – beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, year-round good weather, and many photoshoot-worthy places. Santa Barbara is also home to innovating businesses, global companies, and outstanding non-profit organizations. From tech start-ups to established corporations, our town has an excellent selection of businesses to explore.

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Whether you are looking for your next tech job in Santa Barbara, healthcare job in Goleta, or hospitality job in Montecito, there are many companies to explore and discover by browsing this website. is a business directory with a list of top Santa Barbara (also Goleta and Montecito) companies. This website was created to assist locals (and out-of-town folks) find jobs, discover volunteer opportunities, and explore local businesses in Santa Barbara.

If you are looking for inspiration to relocate to Santa Barbara or you are a local and want to see a reminder of why we are so lucky to call this place home, below are a few pictures of beautiful places in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Montecito. Enjoy!