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MarBorg Industries leads the way in residential and commercial garbage collection, recycling and waste management, and portable sanitation equipment.

What is today a multi-million dollar corporation with more than 550 employees began in 1915 with four brothers, a family loan, and a little grocery store in Santa Barbara, California. From the very start, its guiding principle has been that value…

Wholesale Produce Distributor

his local Santa Barbara company is owned and operated by Santa Barbara resident Guy De Mangeon. The Berry Man started on a shoestring in 1989, when Guy began selling sweet, succulent local strawberries out of the back of his truck. Going from…

The Goleta Sanitary District has diligently served the Goleta Valley for over 80 years. Our vision for the future is focused on sustainability through innovation; we draw on established methods and use new technologies to maximize water resource…