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Why was started?

As a local Santa Barbara resident for over 12 years and while browsing for my next career move in 2020, I was surprised to learn about many companies and nonprofit organizations that I was not aware of. My research was done in Google just browsing companies around the map, or browsing LinkedIn for jobs. I wished that I could browse one website and select a category, or location, and have direct links to career pages and social media to learn about various companies' cultures. Thus was born in 2021, a project that I hope helps you find your next career move a lot easier. A brief description, career pages, Google Maps, and social media links will allow you to quickly learn about multiple companies by browsing only one website!

Is this a Santa Barbara business directory for all companies in town? will primarily focus on technology and software companies, start-ups, established companies that employ a large amount of people in Santa Barbara, and various non-profit organizations. As the website continues its growth, it will add more categories. Please feel free to contact us if you think a Santa Barbara, Goleta, or Montecito company is missing in this directory.

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Thanks for your interest! As you may have noticed, this company is made by locals for locals, and all advertisements are Santa Barbara, Goleta, or Montecito businesses. The intent of this site is to promote the best SB has to offer. Please fill out a contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.