From the website: The Las Cumbres Observatory global telescope network was founded in 2005 by the technologist Wayne Rosing. LCO is a non-profit science institute with the mission of advancing science and education. We approached the creation of our worldwide network of robotic telescopes from the perspective of a lean high-tech startup. LCO initially acquired the two Faulkes two-meter telescopes: Faulkes Telescope North located at Haleakala Observatory, on Maui, Hawaii, and Faulkes Telescope South at Siding Spring Observatory (SSO), in eastern Australia. LCO also purchased the company that built the Faulkes telescopes, Telescope Technologies Limited of Liverpool, with the intent of installing additional 2-meter telescopes at different sites to form a robotically operated network. Rosing and the LCO staff came to understand that a network composed of many smaller telescopes would provide greater observing capacity. LCO designed its own one-meter and 40-cm telescopes to be distributed at multiple sites.

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