From the website: Our mission is to develop incredible software and hardware solutions that create unforgettable interactive experiences to increase brand awareness. MetroClick has merged hardware manufacturing capabilities and an in-house software development team to create the highest levels of functionality, customization and versatility. We pride ourselves on being a full-service platform bringing both your hardware and software vision to life. At MetroClick, we help you focus on telling your unique story to your customers. We are an organization that listens, evolves and innovates unique points of interaction with your clients to create engagement and boost your brand’s impact.

We have developed millions of lines of code while designing new, unique solutions to accommodate our clients’ needs and interest across numerous industries. From stadiums to financial services institutions, high fashion to hospitality, MetroClick’s team is versatile to meet any engagement, industry or clients’ needs to help present your message and desired customer experience one touch at a time.

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