From the website: Resonant (NASDAQ: RESN) is transforming the market for RF front-ends (RFFE) and disrupting the RFFE supply chain by enabling customers and partners to deliver 5G filters designed using its WaveX™ software tools platform. WaveX™ allows Resonant’s customers to capitalize on the company’s robust IP portfolio and extensive services offerings. In a market that is critically constrained by limited designers, tools, and capacity, Resonant addresses these critical problems by providing customers with ever-increasing design efficiency, reduced time to market, and lower unit costs. Customers leverage Resonant’s disruptive capabilities to design cutting-edge filters and modules, while capitalizing on the added stability of a diverse supply chain through the Resonant Foundry Program fabless ecosystem. Working with Resonant, customers enhance the connectivity of current mobile devices, while preparing for the demands of emerging 5G applications.

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