From the website: In 1979, Chuck Ames returned to his car in the beach parking lot after going for a surf and found a flyer advertising a surfboard fin business for sale. Without understanding the way in which this flyer would transform the rest of his life, he made the decision to purchase the small operation. Through coupling his passion for surfing with the pursuit of growing into an expert craftsman, True Ames was born.

In his early twenties at the time, Chuck had already become a well-travelled and seasoned surfer (and windsurfer), and had a growing ability for building and modifying surf equipment. Once at the helm of True Ames, Chuck immersed himself in the workshop in order to further his mechanical and handwork skills. Early on, he gained the guidance and knowledge of a few established and well-respected surfboard craftsmen which quickly hastened his progress and mastery of the craft.

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