The start of my career journey in Santa Barbara

Back in 2013, I was driving through Hollister Avenue on my way to play soccer at UCSB. I noticed that construction was almost completed for the new Deckers world headquarters, a short 15 minutes (then) drive from my apartment in Santa Barbara. The makers of UGG boots, highly popular during my time in high school (go Royals!) was setting up a brand new world headquarters and I wanted to be a part of it. I had completed my Associate’s Degree in business from SBCC in 2010, but I felt that if I wanted to have a shot at ever working there, I needed a bachelor’s degree.

I had spent the time after graduating SBCC working full time selling shoes at Foot Locker and honing my Accounting skills at various local small businesses. In 2013, I enrolled in the Business program at CSU Channel Islands. Halfway through my tenure in school, I got my first corporate job as an Accounts Payable clerk at Moss Motors. I was finally in the corporate world! Surely that experience would allow me to join Deckers after graduating, or so I thought. As I was getting closer to my graduation date, I started applying at various local businesses, including Deckers of course. As you might have guessed by now or by looking at my job experience in LinkedIn, I was never hired by Deckers. I graduated and received my bachelor’s degree in 2015 and since I couldn’t find full time employment in Accounting, I decided to join Robert Half that assigned me to a local communications company. I kept looking for jobs during my tenure there since I wanted to be part of a company and grow with it, until I found the perfect position for me in a Craigslist job post: Junior Accountant at BioIQ. My job at BioIQ was the first experience I had working at a startup in Santa Barbara, and the reason why I am so appreciative of tech jobs.

Even though I didn’t get to work at Deckers as I had initially planned, I’m thankful I was inspired to continue my studies thanks to that drive through Goleta, as it lead to many other great experiences in my career. So thank you Deckers for setting up your headquarters in Goleta!

About Renzo G.

Longtime Santa Barbara/Goleta resident. Started my corporate career journey in Accounting back in 2014.